Quilt Request Form

I will only use this to text you if I have a question that needs to be answered quickly.
On a scale from one to 10 note how dense you prefer your quilting to be. 1 is extremely loose and open. 10 is dense and more stiff feeling. I also take into consideration the size of the pattern on your quilt to determine pantograph scale. If you choose Budget Friendly your quilt will be quilted at a 1.
Choose a pantograph from my site (coming soon) or any design you have seen online. If you need help selecting a design I am happy to offer suggestions.
Custom quilting starts at $0.07 per square inch. Please let me know if you have any requests regarding the style of the quilting you would like. You can say anything from “no feathers” to please mimic the quilting on the quilt you did for my friend.
I typically choose a thread to blend with the fabrics in your quilt. If you would like a contrasting thread or a specific color please indicate.
Include pattern name if available, colors, and fabric style.
Binding costs are billed hourly. Message me for a quote.