Top Selling Digital Quilting Pantographs 2023

Top five selling digital edge to edge quilting pantographs from Molly Kohler in 2023

In 2023 I Debuted My First Collection of Digital Longarm Quilting Pantographs for Edge to Edge Quilting

Tis is my first year creating and selling digital pantographs for longarm quilting! It has been a blast seeing this designs come to life on your quilts. I appreciate each  longarm quilter that purchases my designs and both uses them and shares them! The quilting community is a supportive one that’s for sure! I am blown away by the support I have been given! 

Just for fun take a minute and look over the top five. Which one do you think ended up at #1 after the first of the year? The designs are (clockwise starting at top right:) Holly Sparkle, Sunrise Clam, Scallop Wave, Scallop Fan and Orange Grove.  

For a limited time I have bundled all five of these into one purchase in my shop. For $60 you can get all five of these pantographs. This is the same as buy 4 get one free! I love a good deal as much as I love a good panto!

Holly Sparkle Christmas Pantograph for digital longarm quilting. Best seller 2023

I’m not a marketing expert so I don’t have a logical explanation for why holiday items sell so well, but they do. Even though this pantograph made a later debut this year, it was my best seller. What can I say? Quilters love making holiday quilts. This pantograph has a cheerful repetitive design. It’s easy to use and looks great on all types of Christmas quilts!

Scallop Best selling digital pantograph for longarm edge to edge quilting.

Scallop Wave rolled in at #2 on my 2023 bestsellers list. This is my easiest and quickest pantograph to use. When it comes to versatility this pantograph is a winner! I have used it on Christmas quilts, Halloween quilts, and both modern and traditional quilts. Clients will love this design and you will use it over and over again!

Scallop Fan Best Selling pantograph for digital edge to edge longarm quilting

I dreamt up this quilting design long before I even considered that I could make it a reality! I jumped on a chance to learn more about digital quilting design. Scallop Fan was one of my first creations! A few short weeks after releasing this design I was contacted by the lovely ladies who were in the progress of opening The Panto Shop wanting me to be one of the designers for their shop.  I was completely flattered and did not expect to sell my designs wholesale so soon in my career. Fast forward to the opening weekend of The Panto Shop and this design, Scallop Fan was the best seller after the first three days. I felt like I won and Emmy or a Grammy or Best in Show at Quilt Con. 

Orange Grove Best selling digital pantograph for edge to edge longarm quilting

This pantograph is reminiscent of the type of custom ruler work I love to do on more traditionally pieced block based quilts. It’s based on the traditional orange peel quilting design that has been around for centuries. This design creates a really pretty texture but I would consider it and intermediate level pantograph because the rows will need to touch in a couple of places. It’s worth the extra effort to get it quilted just right and achieve this sophisticated look.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but you can always make it prettier! Sunrise clam is a mix of Baptist Fan and Clamshell, but striped because stripes are my favorite. I love the unique and modern feel of this pantograph. The gentle curve is just right if you want a little movement but with a soft and calm feel to it. I have already used this pantograph several time and it does not dissapoint.

Thanks for your purchases, tags and mentions this year! Which one of my designs are you using and loving? Which ones are on your wish list?

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