Jemmas triangle star quilt with fancy custom quilting

Preparing your Quilt

Quilt Top

Neatly iron your quilt top and trim all loose threads. For best results flatten all bulky seams as much as possible.

If your top is directional please indicate by pinning a note to the top.

Quilt Back and Batting

Your quilt back and batting must be 6-8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top.  For example if your quilt top is 50″x60″ your back and batting need to be about 58″X68″.

Please do your best to square up your quilt back so there are no uneven edges, corners are square and sides run parallel.

If your backing is directional please indicate by pinning a note to the top.

I carry four types of batting which you will see on the request form. Buying batting from me saves a lot of money in shipping alone!

I have a selection of fabrics available in my shop including minky. These are great options for quilt backs and bindings.


If you are shipping your quilt, fold your top, back, and batting separately. Place in a plastic bag before packaging in an envelope or box.  Please request a tracking number and consider buying insurance for your package.


Fill out the online request form HERE. Please pin a note to your quilt with your name before shipping it.