Raspberry kiss block swap quilt square version

Longarm Quilting Rates

Minimum Charge

For small quilts that don’t add up to the square inch rate.

Edge to Edge $50.00

Custom $100.00

Custom Quilting

For quilting designs that are custom and quilted free hand or with rulers. Custom quilting is beautiful art form. I have been custom quilting since 2004.  Please contact me if you would like a more specific quote. I currently only accept 3-4 custom quilts per month. Please contact me to reserve your spot.

$.07 -.15 per square inch

Budget Friendly Edge to Edge Quilting

I offer a variety of quilt designs for just $0.015 per square inch. You can find them HERE. This price is for large scale only.

$0.015 per square inch

Computerized Edge to Edge Quilting

The cost of edge to edge quilting is based on the density, complexity and difficulty of the design as well as how small the design is scaled. You can choose the density of the quilting on the request form or leave it up to me and I will size it best to fit your quilt.

$.02-.035 per square inch


$40.00 per hour

Includes binding, piecing backs, ironing, clipping threads, available upon request only.


Winline 80/20 $10.00 per yard

Winline 100% Bamboo 4oz $16.00 per yard

Winline 100% Bamboo 6oz $18.00 per yard




100% Wool $20.00 per yard